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Shopping is an almost daily activity for most people. Each purchase we make and where we make it are a reflection of who we are and what we value. The goods we purchase, and often the advertising for those goods, reinforce who we are and what we value. Entering a shopping mall created by an adopted or immigrant culture can be like entering another world. Historically, the market has been the hub of social activity for cultures around the world. Shopping has also come to be seen as a political statement in the United States where we have so many options—boycotting goods sold by brands with questionable practices or paying higher prices in order to support fair trade. Through my work, I endeavor to enter the conversation about who we are as both Minnesotans and as global citizens, and to develop a unique visual language that speaks to the subject. By engaging vendors and shoppers in the process, their voice becomes integral to the work. This work was created in support of the strong and vibrant diverse community that represents the Twin Cities.